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As Design Partner, in addition to supporting with conducting due diligence on thousands of companies, I also worked directly with founders of Prime Movers Lab’s portfolio to work on design strategy, establish design processes, build out the design team, and influence executive decisions to bring the design vision from 0→1 in the most complex industries such as climate, space, energy, advanced materials, robotics, engineered food, and life sciences.

To strengthen the design of the portfoio companies further, I also created the design fellowship program to foster the next generation of creative entrepreneurs committed to driving innovation and making the world a better and more inclusive place.

The design fellowship program functioned as an extension of Prime Movers Lab’s internal design team and a shared resource among our portfolio company design community. The fellows would be the forward-deployed designers to work closely with the founders, spending 1-2 years at various portfolio companies helping them get their teams off the ground before moving to the next company.

The program attracted talents from diverse backgrounds all over the world, with a 70% representation of women and people from non-traditional fields to come together and collaborate on inclusive solutions to build more and move quicker.

We have seen great success in supporting our portfolio companies, aiming for a lasting positive impact and accelerated growth towards inclusive leadership. It also gained us better access to high-quality deal flow, particularly with serial entrepreneurs, positions the firm well among breakthrough science venture firms.

Prime Movers Lab now has more than $1 billion in assets under management and continues to focus on investments in breakthrough scientific startups working to revolutionize the most important industries and transform billions of lives.

Program Development
JJ Moi / Ashley Nowicki / Kenny Lauer

Design Direction
JJ Moi

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Next Project

Advancing aerospace and defense

Next Project

Advancing aerospace and defense