Interdisciplinary designer working with deep tech startup founders to turn sci-fi into reality in areas including climate, smart cities, energy, aerospace, defense, AI/ML, computer vision, robotics, advanced materials, and life sciences.

Served as a design lead at Raytheon advancing defense and intel systems, an innovation specialist at 18F designing digital services for the people, and a main contributor to the US Web Design System. Founding designer at Spring Science, Vaxxinity, Focused Energy, Gordian Bio, Tachyus, and OpenGov among other exciting companies solving the hardest problems. My work has been to space, recognized by the Smithsonian and World Economic Forum, and featured in NYT, CNN, BBC, WSJ, WaPo, Nat Geo, PopSci, and a few other abbrvs.

Studied interaction design, industrial design, cognitive science, and urban design. Adjunct lecturer at Pratt Institute, faculty advisor at UW, CMU, Brandeis, and OSU.

Originally from San Francisco, grew up in Hong Kong and Thailand, speaking three and a half languages. In a past life, architect, art historian, graffiti artist, capoeirista, and turtle. Spirit animal, mermaid. Allergic to cats.

Currently based in the deepest woods of the Pacific Northwest.


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