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Jul 21, 2013 9:43 pm

wanna see this this week?

Only God Forgives
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Jan 7, 2014 4:10 pm

it's weird here without you man

when do you get back?



how does it feel to be back in Thailand?

so great

it's been so long i feel a little bit like tourist


been riding tuk-tuks?

haha yeah once

ate a lot

and sweat a lot

how's your family?

them alright

how's yours? and trip?


pretty chill vacation but I got to ski

so that was good


how's og?

heard nate is on forbes. thats cool

yeah that's cool

and we have 4 new people starting this week

so lots of change


Jan 9, 2014 9:20 am

hey, have u and zac g found a new roommate? the friend who i planned to stay with has more people crashing and worried about space

if you guys ok, i'd like to stay at the same place longer

You should talk with zac when you get back

he found someone at Khan Academy looking for a place

But let's figure this out Sunday

Jan 9, 2014 5:54 pm


Jan 10, 2014 11:34 am

when do you fly in?


do you need a ride?

no im good thanks

Jan 14, 2014 7:47 pm

I remember you have a printer in the apt. Does it work well for printing large things? and are you selling it?

it can print up to 13 in x 19. works very well but use fair amount of ink.

im letting it go for $600. it's $650 on craigslist.

Jan 17, 2014 10:54 am

Any chance I could use your mini tomorrow afternoon?

It would be between noon and dinner

if not, I can rent a car or something

sure, let's swap. i can use ur bike

haha ok

do you not have a bike??

both them flat tires

Jan 17, 2014 11:27 am


you are unlucky with bikes


so true

so it wasn't caltrain's fault afterall...


Feb 14, 2014 4:35 pm

do you have any plans saturday? could you help me carry the unwanted furnitures to salvation army? i'll get a u-haul.

I'm going to be out for the day. But I think we got rid of all the unwanted furniture

we just put your bed frame and a desk out by the garbage

and we're going to put the white couch on the porch


job done

what time u be home tonight? i'll drop the keys and pick up the ps7

I'll probably be back around 10


May 5, 2014 5:42 pm

yo yo

quick question

sup yo

do you know if OpenGov ever bought Proxima Nova?

I'm thinking of buying it from myfont

only for web

and wanted to double check that we weren't repurchasing


life is good?

yeah man

it's decent

I'm working on another redesign of our corp site


Aug 27, 2014 3:54 pm

hey, question


Aug 27, 2015 5:50 pm

haha sorry, I forgot to ask the question

I was gonna ask, did you have to deal with Alternative Minimum Tax?

Like when you purchased OpenGov stock when you left, did you get stuck paying a bunch of tax on that?

this is the first time i've heard of it. no clue lol

Haha you should probably look it up

let me know what you find out too

Well basically any stock you bought when you left gets taxed at about 30% of the gains

So if you bought the stock for $0.01 when the company valued then at $0.04 you would owe tax on the $.03 you gained

So you'd owe $0.01 per stock you bought

how to know if i owe it or not?

I'm not sure

Well I'm going to see a tax person in the coming weeks to sort it out. I'll let you know.

Jun 16, 2015 11:17 am

What are you up to these days?

same old, working remotely with dakin from thailand while working on my furnitures among other stuff. whatsup?

oh nice

yeah I saw you posted some chart stuff on dribbble

any plans to come back to the bay area? When do you come next?

We should grab lunch when you do

im actually here at the moment. id love to catch up w/ u 2!

but didn't you just say that you were working remotely from Thailand?



wanna come grab lunch/dinner at Dropbox next week?

well yea thats just me oversimplified things lol. sounds awesome - heard the food is best compared to google & fb? haha

It's probably true

but yeah if you have a free day in the near future................

tmr & this thurs works for me too.

Jun 17, 2015 10:44 am

by the way, i'm interviewing at a couple places. would you willing to be a reference for me?

Shoot, I can't do today or thursday

and yes I can be a reference

where at (if you don't mind me asking)

no worries. im still around for at least a month

thanks for willing to be a ref. one of the places is 18F

have you heard of them?

No, but just looked them up

how about next Tuesday?

tues sounds good

Jun 18, 2015 9:30 am

Cool. well let's plan to do tuesday. lunch starts at 12 but you can come as late as 1


Jun 19, 2015 9:09 am

Just filled out a form 18F sent

all positive stuff of course


sweet, thanks!

May 11, 2016 2:39 pm

Didn't realize you were over 100

congrats on making it to 105

ha! thanks!

how you doing bud?

I'm doing great. Loving the city life

Are you working at 18f now?


it's so different

That's so cool

What's the team like?

20% from design agencies, 70% always been in gov tech/non-profit, and the rest are really really politicians. it's fun challenging the law & regulation constraints

May 12, 2016 9:10 am

dang, livin the dream

whatever happened to the dakin slose company?

im still a consultant for them

btw, do you wanna go to 8VC design meetup?

aka joe's alley designers

I already have something tomorrow night but maybe I can skip it to go to this

ok let me know

May 24, 2016 5:49 pm

ok, I can't skip my thing tomorrow

maybe next time though


Dec 27, 2016 6:41 am

^ this level is the bane of my existence.

Have you beat it?

haha no

havent gone that far

Wed 7:19 pm

You coming to the 8VC meetup?

We have all past and present OpenGov designers except you!

haha no

cant make it today


you better be there next time!

Andrew says hi

oh yeah!

hi to everyone og!