Sprint 26

now (max 3)

  • testing
    show critical metadata for each plan

    as users look at the planning tool, natural questions to ask are what were these plans optimized for and what are the assumptions behind those optimizations?

    We need to make more of this information available so our support team does not need to be there to explain this page every time the users use it
  • ui
    review test cases ready for qasource
  • sign up
    user fails to verify email

    instead of going to her email, jane just keeps logging in and inputs her credentials again and again despite she got to the same screen advising her to go to her email and verify

    things we can do:
    - remove the login button from that screen
    - resequence the language so "go to email..." line is first
    - add an image with a with specific messaging


  • ui
    show last uploaded date and enable its sorting
  • testing
    ensure subsurface animations requirements are documented/understood
  • ui
    add countdown timer
  • dataviz
    differentiate data from censor vs from input
  • dataviz
    [duplicate] prediction info in timeline events
  • ritual eng
    beach dude tank
  • access
    text contrast audit