JJ Moi – Product Designer
Creating experiences and stuff that matter

Selected Work

OpenGov Transparency – Improving open data

USWDS:18F – Designing system for the people

Tachyus Ions – Optimizing energy production

Federalist – Helping government launch websites


Tremolo – Heavy typeface for bold headlines

Altakk – Alternative everyday furniture

Born and raised in San Francisco, spent a few years in Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, and Australia. I’m passionate about making people’s lives more interesting and it’s reflected in my cross-cultural design work across a variety of creative fields ranging from branding to digital products, furnitures, ceramics, books, typefaces, packaging, environmental graphics, and everything in between.

Currently a principal designer at Tachyus, previously at 18F and OpenGov. I continue to volunteer for social good at Elixir Labs and Tech for Campaigns and mentor aspiring designers at Out of Office Hours and Design Lab. In my past life, I’ve also been an art and design teacher, a graffiti artist, a capoeira practitioner, and a turtle. Most days I’m hanging out with my wife, 2 kids, and a dog in San Francisco Palo Alto Brooklyn Seattle Portland Houston Berkeley.

I share random stuff on Dribbble, mostly cats. I Instagram some and write a few things about my design process on Medium. I tweet once a year.

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