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⛽️ Designing stuff at Tachyus
🙋‍♂️ Building solutions for social good at Elixir Labs
👨🏼‍🏫 Mentoring aspiring designers at Design Lab

Past Life

🇺🇸 Designed US Design Standards, 18F Visual Identity, and cloud.gov for The People at 18F
🏛 Built Transparency and Solidus Design System at OpenGov
📚 Created several typefaces and a few books
🛋 Furniture designer and art & design educator
🐢 Turtle

Another Life

🏀 Posting random work in progress on Dribbble, mostly cats
📷 #instagraming the 💩 out of my life on a daily basis
🐧 I tweet once a year
📄 Check out my resume
💌 Questions? Just ask